MyEducation kan tilby kommende utvekslingselever å gå på private high school i USA. Den største fordelen ved private high schools er at skolene og klassene er mindre. Med færre elever i klassene har man mer tid til den enkelte elev og det er lettere å få plass på de aktivitetene og fagene man ønsker. Velger man private high school får man raskere plassering, og den familien man skal bo hos vil med stor sannsynlighet være bekjent av skolen. Det er fordi vertsfamiliene som regel har eller har hatt barn på samme skole. Vertsfamiliene er som regel velstående familier.

Velger man dette programmet har man også innflytelse på hvilken stat man ønsker seg til - spesielt hvis man er ute i god tid.​

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Private High Schools

Her er et lite utdrag av noen av de mange private high schools vi samarbeider med. Det kommer stadig flere skoler til. Ikke la deg skremme av at mange private high school har religiøs bakgrunn. Det betyr kanskje bare at det kan være morgensang, 

og religionsundervisning slik vi kjenner det fra den norske skolen. For mer informasjon kontakt oss på

Armona - California

Armona Union is an accredited private K-12 day High school. It has one of the highest teacher-student ratios: 1:7 in high school. AUA welcomes inquiries from all interested students and parents, whether you are Seventh-day Adventist, Catholic, Muslim (all of which are currently represented at AUA), or another religious persuation or none at all.

Math, Science, English, Health, Life Skills, Spanish, Band, Choir, Religion, History, Government, Economics, Computers, Drama, Music Appreciation

Nestled in the rural heartland of Northern California, Armona is in the vast San Juaquin Valley. It is 45 minutes away from Fresno, home of the Fresno State Bulldogs. Also, Armona is near the gateway to Yosemite National Park, and is three hours from San Francisco and Sacramento, the State Capital.

Lemoore - California

Kings Christian High School is an independent non-denomination Christian School located in Kings County, California. The life-giving principles of God's Word are incorporated with sound academic material, giving the student a view of God's purpose in all of life.

Bible, English, History, Sociology, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Journalism, Business, Computers, Drama, Student Leadership

A variety of athletic sports are available, as well as other extra-curricular activities. Some sports offered are baseball, basketball, cross country, football, soccer, and swimming. Som extra curricular activities include cheer, drama, and ensamble.

Lemoore combines the best of both worlds: small town personalized service and big-city self-sufficiency. Located in a rural part of Northern California, it offers a wide range of goods, services and shops. The tree-lined streets of Lemoore's healthy and vigrant downtown feature a full array of shops, clothing stores, pizza, pharmacy, and florist shops.​

​​Rockaway Park - New York

​Stella Maris High School aims to offer young women the opportunities to acquire an education based on the Gospel Spirit. It strives to provide an atmosphere which will encourage the maximum intellectual development of each student and to adequately prepare students to achieve success in high education and/or the business world.

Religion, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Health, Physical Education Students are offered many opportunities to become involved in the student body. Such opportunites are through sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, soccer, and softball. Other clubs offered are dance, cheerleading, chorus, bell chimes, and student council.

Rockaway, a peninsula of Long Island, is located within the borough of Queens in New York City. Its remoteness from Manhattan has made it a popular retreat with its long boardwalk and long sandy beaches. It is the largest urban beach in the United States. The school is located "right on the beach".

Bellingham - Washington

The Academy strives to cultivate diverse communities of healthy, creative, and engaged learners and leaders, working toward a socially just and ecologically balanced world. A very small school that is best-suited for a student looking for an alternative approach to education. This is not a traditional high school.

An experientially based curriculum that relates to real world issues. Mathematics and Foreign Language courses are offered, in addition to theme-based curriculum according to the specific topics being presented. Thus, course schedules and topics may change from week to week.

Bellingham is close to the Canadian border and is a unique area of Washington State. The area has magnificent natural scenery with Mt. Baker ski resort nearby where one can ski, snowboard, and hike. It is filled with charming villages, cultural attractions, and waterfront adventures.

Eugene - Oregon

Non-denominational and seeks to strengthen student character through godly influence of teachers, curriculum and Biblical studies.

Math, Science, English, History, Band

The Lion's athletic program provides athletic opportunities for every student who has the desire to compete and to help those individuals achieve their potential. LCS fields teams in basketball, volleyball, and track

Eugene is the third largest city in the state of Oregon and is also noted for its natural beauty, activist political leanings, alternative lifestyles, recreation opportunities (especially bicycling, rafting, and kayaking), and arts focus.

Corvallis - Oregon

Santiam Christian high school consists of professionally trained teachers at all levels, quality curriculum and excellent facilities, combining to produce a comprehensive Christian education package.

Bible, Career Education, English, Music, Art, Health, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Computers, Foreign Language

Sports include football, volleyball, soccer, cross-country, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, track, golf, cheerleading, equestrianism

Its beauty and tranquility will make you want to stay. Nearly all the attractions of Oregon's Willamette Valley and the coast are within easy driving distance of Corvallis. Corvallis has a wealth of performing arts and festivals, as well as excptional outdoor recreation in and around the city.​

Decatur - Illinois

​St. Teresa strives to foster a reverence for learning and to equip students with the professional and technical competencies to function in a modern society. The program hopes to guide students to an understanding of self and others and to a facility in the means of human communication.

Business, English, Fine Arts, World Language, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Theology

A variety of competitive sports offers ample opportunities for student involvement: Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Track

The heart of Illinois and the ideal hub from which to explore all of central Illinois. Decatur is a historical city and was the first home in Illinois of Abraham Lincoln. Local attractions include parks, Lake Decatur, and historical sites.

Kankakee - Illinois

Faculty has an average of 22 years teaching experience, with the average class size of 20 students. Many extra curricular activities are offered, with over 95% student participation.

Art, Business, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Health, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Psychology

Many sports are offered as an opportunity for student involvement: baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, dance, swimming, football, cross country, tennis, golf and track and field.

Kankakee offers many points of interest including the riverview historic district with victorian homes and English gardens, Frank Lloyd Wright houses, an art museum, railroad museum, and the Kankakee River, which provides opportunities for boating and canoeing​

​Moline - Illinois

QCCS desires to prepare young people for career and life experiences through its spiritual, academic, vocational, and athletic development. College preparatory classes, as well as advanced placement or honors courses are available.

Bible, English, Social Studies/History, Science, Math, Computer, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Psychology, Choir, Journalism. Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, Volleyball, Chess, Debate, Drama & Group Interpretation, Individual Events, Journalism, Music,

Scholastic Bowl

Located between the banks of the Mississippi and Rock River, Moline is one of the four cities making up the major Midwest metropolitan area referred to as the Quad Cities. Recreational activities and nature watching opportunities are also available at the city’s numerous state parks including Jefferson Park, Kiwanis Park, Millennium Park and Riverside Park. 150miles west of Chicago and midway between Minneapolis to the north and St. Louis to the South, Moline hosts many Quad City events such as the Quad Cities Marathon, the Greek Cultural Festival Moline and the Taste of the Quad Cities.

Breese - Illinois

Mater Dei High School seeks to build a community of learners among its faculty, staff, students, and parents. The school fosters an environment of consideration and acceptance, while challenging its members to develop their potential thorugh strong educational and extra-curricular programs.

Religion, Business Education, Driver Education, English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Industrial Education, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies

A wide variety of clubs, athletics, and special programs and services provide opportunities for students to become involved in the school community. Some clubs include Model U.N., chorus, and band. Many sports are offered such as baseball, basketball, track, golf, soccer, football, and volleyball.

Breese, IL, a suburb of St. Louis, MO, is just a short drive away from the big city, but still has a small town feel. St. Louis offers the arts, theater, The Gateway Arch, and many museums

Saginaw - Michigan

Valley Lutheran High School believes that Christ is the foundation of the school and in everything that they do. They prepare their students as children of God academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually to serve in the world today and tomorrow.

​Business, Computers, English Literature, Fine Arts, Music, Foreign Language, Math, Physical Education, Religion, Science, History, Economics, Psychology, Vocational Education

With nearly 90% of graduates going on to college, a strong College Prep Program is an important part of their school. They also offer three foreign language courses. Facilities include baseball, softball, soccer, and football fields as well as an 8 lane all-weather track, all at their site. Their building includes a gymnasium with seating for nearly 1,000.

Located in the center of Mid-Michigan on the Saginaw River, Saginaw was once a bustling lumber town. Today, with a population of 61,799, Saginaw is once again a city on the rise, with a beautiful downtown, multi-cultural activities, a children's zoo, and an OHL hockey team.

Dyersville - Iowa

Located in Dyersville, Iowa, a town of approximately 4,000 people in eastern Iowa. Beckman offers an array of extra curricular activies and a comprehensive high school curriculum with a strong emphasis toward post secondary preparation including Advanced Placement courses and post secondary educational options.

Art, Band, Business, Chorus, Computers, English, Guidance, Industrial Technology, Math, Physical Education, Health, Resource, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Theology

A variety of competitive sports offers ample opportunities for student involvement. A few examples are: football, basketball, cross-country, track, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and golf. In addition to sports, there are many extra curricular activities offered.

Dyersville is known for its generous hospitality among the town's 4,000 residents. It is the home of the Academy award nominated film "Field of Dreams". The Downtown area just completed a Streetscape project, which enhances the beauty of its many historical buildings and quaint shops.

Fort Wayne - Indiana

At Bishop Luers, the student -teacher ratio is 18:1. Their goal is to help students develop spiritually, academically, and socially. This maturity nurtured by Caholic truths will enable each graduate to face the challenges in his or her own life while serving God and others in a changing society.

Art, Business, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Health, Religion, Science, Social Studies

Home of the Knights, Bishop Luers offers many sports opportunities such as baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and their award winning football team.

Fort Wayne, Indiana's second largest city, is located in northeastern Indiana. For a mid-size city, Fort Wayne takes great pride in its award-winning and extensive park system. Although no major league teams are in the Fort Wayne area, Fort Wayne is home to many professional development and minor league teams that include soccer, ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and football.

Appleton - Wisconsin

FVLHS offers educational programs that prepare students for college, ministry, and the workforce. Over 85 percent of FVL graduates seek to continue their education on the college or technical college level. Cocurricular offerings available to students include math club, forensics team, theatre, band, and yearbook.

Religion, English, Fine Ats, Health, Physical Education, Technical Education, Basics, Mathematics, Science, Electives, Social Studies

Offers an athletic program of interscholastic sports for boys and girls on the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels.

Appleton shares its history with Lawrence University, located along the Fox River Valley. The city is filled with large and numerous trees, the numerous city parks, the lively downtown, the diversity and quality of its restaurants, the security and peacefulness of the community, and the friendliness of the people.

​Freeman - South Dakota

Freeman Academy serves students in grades 5 through 12. The high school curriculum is designed to prepare students for college. The school places emphasis on student involvement and hands-on experience. Small class sizes foster close relationships. Freeman Academy provides a strong academic program with a quality arts emphasis for all grade levels. Freeman Academy has a long tradition of excelling in the arts. Every student can take an active part in any of the arts.

Bible, Computer Science, Driver's Education, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Vocational Agriculture, Independent Study Courses, Art, Fine Arts, Music

At Freeman Academy, all students are welcome to participate in athletics. A small student body means that any student willing to commit the required time and energy has the chance to fully participate in sports. Coaches try to encourage students at all levels of ability: the beginner trying to get a taste for something new, the middle school student seeking to improve his/her skills, and the upperclassman excited for another season as a "Bobcat."

Settled by German Mennonites from Russia in the 1870s, this South Dakotan town was ranked top home town in the state in 2001. Although rural, Freeman is an hour away from Sioux Falls, the largest city in South Dakota, which offers plenty of recreation and sightseeing opportunities year-round. South Dakota is a paradise for nature lovers. Yhr vombintion of natural wonders and Native American and frontier legend is a made-to-order attraction.

Mentor - Ohio

Located in Mentor, Ohio, Lake Catholic High School is a suburb east of Cleveland along the shores of Lake Erie. Charles J. Roman, President Lake Catholic High School is owned by the Diocese of Cleveland. A religious based, co-ed college preparatory program with electives in Technology, Fine Arts, Family and Consumer Science, and Business Education for students in grades 9-12.

Religious Studies, English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Health, Fine & Performing Arts, Computer, Industrial Technology, Foreign Lanuages, Visual Arts

A variety of competitive sports offers ample opportunities for student involvement: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Dance, Fastpitch, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Powder Puff Football, Swimming, Track, Volleyball, Wrestling

Mentor offers an incomparable lifestyle for its more than 50,000 residents. Located 30 miles east of downtown Cleveland, this lakefront community boasts an award-winning 930-acre park system with 11 community parks, three swimming pools, an ice arena with two ice rinks, inline skating parks and miles of bike and jogging trails. Mentor is home to Headlands State Park on Lake Erie, three lakefront nature preserves, and Lawnfield - the restored home of the 20th President James A. Garfield.

Pella - Iowa

​The mission of Pella Christian High School is to provide students with a Christ-centered education and to prepare them for life-long Christian service. Its aim is to educate students in spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional dimensions.

Accounting, Journalism, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Music, Science, Computers, Drama, English, Health, History, Foreign Languages

Athletic opporunities for involvement include:football, volleyball, bowling, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, track, baseball, and softball.

Part of Pella's charm is its historical ties to the Netherlands with its canals, architecture, windmill, and museums and sites dedicated to the people of Pella.

Missoula - Montana

At Valley Christian, students are taught good study skills in their pursuit of learning. In High School, students are challenged in their choice of either a general studies or advanced studies program. In additiona to educational classes, each student has a Bible class as well as attendance at a weekly chapel.

Bible, English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Music, Foreign Language, Business, Technology, Fine Arts, Practical Ats, Physical Education

VCS has always excelled in sports with multiple regional and state victories. Sports that are offered include soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, tennis, and track. The school is part of the Montana High School Association, which allows its students the opportunity to compete at the highest level of competition in the State.

The school is located in the western Montana city of Missoula. Known as the "Garden City" for its dense trees and lush green landscape, Missoula is nestled in the heart of the northern Rockies. The community is approximately 85,000. Missoula lies in a mounain forest setting where five valleys converge.​


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